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10 Mar

EFFECT Photonics tapes out world’s first full photonic integration coherent PIC

EINDHOVEN- The Netherlands – March 10, 2020 – Building on its Full Photonic Integration InP wafer scale platforms, EFFECT Photonics has taped out the Manta chip: the world’s first...

16 Nov

EFFECT Photonics completes its Series-B funding to accelerate production ramp and to fund the next wave of technology development

EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands – 16 November 2018 – EFFECT Photonics, a leading developer of high performance DWDM optical components based on its optical System-on-Chip, today announced the completion of...

25 Sep

EFFECT Photonics develops auto wavelength tuning for efficient DWDM network deployment

ROME, 25 September 2018. Following on from announcing the narrow tunable Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) SFP+ optical transceiver using their optical ‘System-on-Chip’ PIC technology, EFFECT IS demonstrating their...

20 Sep

EFFECT Photonics today enters into an agreement with Skylane Optics to supply narrow-tunable optical transceivers to Telecom operators in Europe, North and South America

EINDHOVEN, 20 September 2017.  Days after EFFECT Photonics announces the sampling of its low-cost narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceivers for Next Generation Mobile Networks, it enters into an...

18 Sep

EFFECT Photonics announces sampling of its low-cost narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceivers, for Next Generation Mobile Networks

EINDHOVEN, 18 September 2017.  EFFECT Photonics announces sampling of its narrow-band tunable DWDM optical transceivers targeted at Next Generation Mobile Networks. As the capacity needed in cell towers soars...

26 Apr

EFFECT Photonics announces new optical System-on-Chip (SoC) bringing low-cost tunability to Data Centre Interconnects and Metro

  EINDHOVEN, 17 March 2017.  EFFECT Photonics announces a new, full band tunable optical System-on-Chip to meet the surging demand for inter-connecting Data Centres.  This new optical SoC integrates:...

19 Sep

EFFECT Photonics demonstrates 500Gbps PAM-4 capable TOSA, targeted at DCI and Metro Access Markets

EINDHOVEN, 19 September 2016.  Only 6 months after the successful launch of its 100Gbps DWDM transceiver product family in March 2016, EFFECT Photonics is now demonstrating the ability to...

19 Apr

EFFECT Photonics’ first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology launches in a new market, forecasted to grow to €30bn by 2025

Internet Service Providers around the world are facing the increasing challenges of delivering more services to their data-hungry customers at a faster speed and a lower cost. Dutch High-Tech...

21 Mar

EFFECT Photonics’ CEO Regan to present optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology at OFC

If you can’t make it, come and visit us at Booth 2833. #OFC2016

09 Mar

EFFECT Photonics launches first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ product family

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, 10 March 2016. Photonic integration start-up, EFFECT Photonics is launching its first product family based on its optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology platform which integrates all the active and...

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