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20 Sep

EFFECT Photonics today enters into an agreement with Skylane Optics to supply narrow-tunable optical transceivers to Telecom operators in Europe, North and South America

EINDHOVEN, 20 September 2017.  Days after EFFECT Photonics announces the sampling of its low-cost narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceivers for Next Generation Mobile Networks, it enters into an...

18 Sep

EFFECT Photonics announces sampling of its low-cost narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceivers, for Next Generation Mobile Networks

EINDHOVEN, 18 September 2017.  EFFECT Photonics announces sampling of its narrow-band tunable DWDM optical transceivers targeted at Next Generation Mobile Networks. As the capacity needed in cell towers soars...

26 Apr

EFFECT Photonics announces new optical System-on-Chip (SoC) bringing low-cost tunability to Data Centre Interconnects and Metro

  EINDHOVEN, 17 March 2017.  EFFECT Photonics announces a new, full band tunable optical System-on-Chip to meet the surging demand for inter-connecting Data Centres.  This new optical SoC integrates:...

19 Sep

EFFECT Photonics demonstrates 500Gbps PAM-4 capable TOSA, targeted at DCI and Metro Access Markets

EINDHOVEN, 19 September 2016.  Only 6 months after the successful launch of its 100Gbps DWDM transceiver product family in March 2016, EFFECT Photonics is now demonstrating the ability to...

19 Apr

EFFECT Photonics’ first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology launches in a new market, forecasted to grow to €30bn by 2025

Internet Service Providers around the world are facing the increasing challenges of delivering more services to their data-hungry customers at a faster speed and a lower cost. Dutch High-Tech...

21 Mar

EFFECT Photonics’ CEO Regan to present optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology at OFC

If you can’t make it, come and visit us at Booth 2833. #OFC2016

09 Mar

EFFECT Photonics launches first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ product family

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, 10 March 2016. Photonic integration start-up, EFFECT Photonics is launching its first product family based on its optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology platform which integrates all the active and...

08 Feb

EFFECT Photonics closes Series-A funding

Dutch company enables photonic integration technology for mobile networks and datacentres and revolutionizes density, cost, and power. EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – 23/02/15 – EFFECT Photonics today announced that it has...

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