16 May

‘Computerchips straks 100.000 keer sneller dankzij fotonica’

De nieuwste modellen van computers en smartphones zijn tegenwoordig nauwelijks sneller of zuiniger. Is de top bereikt? Nee hoor, wacht maar tot computerchips op de markt komen die voorzien...

19 Apr

EFFECT Photonics’ first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology launches in a new market, forecasted to grow to €30bn by 2025

Internet Service Providers around the world are facing the increasing challenges of delivering more services to their data-hungry customers at a faster speed and a lower cost. Dutch High-Tech...

21 Mar

EFFECT Photonics’ CEO Regan to present optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology at OFC

If you can’t make it, come and visit us at Booth 2833. #OFC2016

09 Mar

EFFECT Photonics launches first optical ‘System-on-Chip’ product family

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, 10 March 2016. Photonic integration start-up, EFFECT Photonics is launching its first product family based on its optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology platform which integrates all the active and...

07 Mar

Access to information at our finger tips powered by integrated chips

We all love watching the latest House of Cards on our cellphones or tablets, navigating the streets of Barcelona while listening to music through our apps – preferably without...

08 Feb

EFFECT Photonics closes Series-A funding

Dutch company enables photonic integration technology for mobile networks and datacentres and revolutionizes density, cost, and power. EINDHOVEN, Netherlands – 23/02/15 – EFFECT Photonics today announced that it has...

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